Halloweenhälsning till er! =) =)

Happy Halloween alla glada! =) Jag har suttit här nu ett tag och försökt luska ut när det är man ska gå "bus eller godis" och kommit fram till att man brukar göra det den 31:a Oktober i samband med alla helgon dagen som infaller idag men man kan också välja att göra det dagen innan. =) Jag ville bara ge er bloggläsare en liten Halloweenhälsning och jag har varken något bus eller godis på G men jag har faktiskt lite rolig fakta om halloween att dela med mig av:
Historien om Halloween:
 the history of Halloween, like any other festival's history is inspired through traditions that have transpired through ages from one generation to another. We follow them mostly as did our dads and grandpas. And as this process goes on, much of their originality get distorted with newer additions and alterations. It happens so gradually, spanning over so many ages, that we hardly come to know about these distortions. At one point of time it leaves us puzzled, with its multicolored faces. Digging into its history helps sieve out the facts from the fantasies which caught us unaware. Yet, doubts still lurk deep in our soul, especially when the reality differs from what has taken a deep seated root into our beliefs. The history of Halloween Day, as culled from the net, is being depicted here in this light. This is to help out those who are interested in washing off the superficial hues to reach the core and know things as they truly are. 'Trick or treat' may be an innocent fun to relish on the Halloween Day. But just think about a bunch of frightening fantasies and the scary stories featuring ghosts, witches, monsters, evils, elves and animal sacrifices associated with it. They are no more innocent. Are these stories a myth or there is a blend of some reality? Come and plunge into the halloween history to unfurl yourself the age-old veil of mysticism draped around it.
Hoppas att ni får en riktigt "Happy Halloween" Iallafall! =) =) =) =)
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